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NPCR (New Practical Chinese Reader)


NPCR (New Practical Chinese Reader)

Suitable for: Language learners whose study aim is to fluently communicate with Chinese people on a deeper level, with a good understanding in Chinese culture and logic.

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1)    3 years long term study (8 hours per week 1-on-1 study; and 10 hours self study)

2)    Willing to learn how to read Chinese characters, understand Chinese culture, logic and structure of writing


Effect: After NPCR book 6, learners will be able to

1)    Use more complicated language to communicate with Chinese people in clear structure and accurate words, expressing clear message and emotion. Learner’s feeling can be identified by the listeners through the communication.

2)    Able to hear and understand message expressed through narration, description, and argumentation in most topics among Chinese people. Able to grasp the basic intention behind the conversation of a speaker

3)    Able to read more than 2500 words article and understand its central meaning, and retell it in an accurate and concise way

4)    Sensitive to Chinese conversation and Chinese logic, able to discern some cultural phenomenon and logic approach


Suggestion: 1-on-1 study program (8 hours per week), or combination program (4 hours of 1-on-1 plus 4 hours of 2-3 person class)


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