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Faithful Language School 10th Year Anniversary on Sep 7th 2019

Video-Congratulation from Columbia International University

On September 7th Saturday, Faithful International Training  Center celebrated its 10th year birthday. 


We had around 80 people attended the anniversary, including representatives from governmental departments such as Xi’an Police Station, Xi’an Education Bureau, Qujiang District Human Resource Department; and leaders from Xi’an Gaoxing College, Xi’an Biotech College, Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications, Xi’an Academy of Martial Arts, Xi’an International School, Xi’an Education Association, and a number of training schools; and business leaders from partner groups such as Tsinghua TusPark, Baidu Innovation Center, Alibaba Innovation Center, Xi’an Business Mentor Association, and a number of other business companies.


During the celebration we also received video greetings from our international education partners such as Taylor University, Asbury University, Columbia International University, and Keith Global from theUnited States, also Ai Ling School and Peace School fromThailand.


James Huang, the founder of Faithful International School, shared our school history and achievements, and expressed our gratitude to all teachers, students, friends, leaders and business partners for supporting and co-working with Faithful.


The vice president (of Xi’an Academy of Martial Arts), Chinese martial art master, performed Taichi with his students. A student from Germany presented her calligrapher work to Faithful as a gift. International students from different countries played musical instruments, sang Chinese songs, and performed a Chinese standup comedy.

西北武术院副院长带领武术学员在庆典上为海内外来宾上表演了中国的太极. 德国籍学生向学校送上自己的书法作品作为礼物。来自不同国家的学生们演奏了乐器,演唱了中国歌曲,并演出了一个语言喜剧小品。

Officials leaders spoke highly of Faithful School for its teaching quality, good management and its educational influence internationally. We are confident that in the next ten years, Faithful will make greater impact locally as well as globally.


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