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October 2022

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In July 2020, Taylor University students started their online Chinese credit program in Faithful Language School. It is a 42-hour Chinese language course with 3 language credits approved by Taylor University for its undergraduate students. 2020年7月,美国泰勒大学本科生正式开始信德语言学校的在线汉语学习。本次学分课程为42小时在线汉语学习,完成学习合格者将得到泰勒大学3个语言学分。 This credit course aims to

2019年11月1日,信德国际培训中心中文教师团前往泰北清莱市开始中文支教之旅。 On November 1st, 2019, a group Chinese teachers from Faithful Language School headed to Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand to start a Chinese teaching trip. 自2014年至今,我中心已派出五次中文教师团前往泰北支教,每次为期一周,在泰国的华人自办学校以及泰国公立学校中教授汉语,并传递中国文化。2016年特别派遣中文教师培训师前往泰缅边境地区的大谷地华人学校,为当地华语教师的进行汉语拼音教学培训。 Since 2014 Faithful has sent six groups of Chinese teachers to teach in Northern Thailand. Each time Video-Congratulation from Columbia International University On September 7th Saturday, Faithful International Training  Center celebrated its 10th year birthday.  九月七日周六,信德国际学校迎来了第十个生日。 We had around 80 people attended the anniversary, including representatives from governmental departments such as Xi’an Police Station, Xi’an Education Bureau, Qujiang District Human Resource Department;