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The 5th Round of Chinese Teaching Trip to Thailand in Nov 2018

From Nov 2-Nov 10, Faithful Language School has a one week short term teaching program in Chiangrai, Thailand. This is our fifth Chinese teachers education trip in Thailand and so far we have reached seven Thai schools, over 4000 Thai students by teaching Mandarin and having Chinese language games.  During day time, Faithful teachers teach Chinese classes and organize activities for the Thai students in the public school. Evening time the teachers help local boarding schools. 



Faithful International Training Center not only provides quality Chinese lesson for international learners who come to China, but also dedicates ourselves in reaching out to the students in underdeveloped areas, enhancing their education and making a impact on their lives.  信德国际培训中心致力于对外汉语教育以及中国语言文化的传播,不但帮助来华国际人士更好掌握汉语,明白文化,也对海外有需要的地区进行中文支教。

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