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The 6th Chinese Teaching Trip to Thailand in Nov 2019


On November 1st, 2019, a group Chinese teachers from Faithful Language School headed to Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand to start a Chinese teaching trip.


Since 2014 Faithful has sent six groups of Chinese teachers to teach in Northern Thailand. Each time we teaching Chinese language and culture for one week in Thai-run Chinese schools and Thai public schools.  In 2016 We also sent a special team of Chinese teacher trainers to the Otani Chinese School on the Thai-Myanmar border to train local Chinese teachers on Mandarin Pinyin teaching.


During this one week short term teaching program , our teachers helped the students practice their oral Chinese, made the classes very fun for the students. through communicating with the local Chinese teachers there, our teachers got to know what they need in Chinese teaching and offered to give more help and support in the future. They also taught 6 classes in the Chinese Ark School.


After a week of teaching, teachers at Faithful Language School brought knowledge and joy to children learning Chinese in Thailand. They also brought help and support to the local Chinese teachers. To date, Faithful International has organized training courses for thousands of Thai students in a number of schools, including Chiang Rai City Middle School, Chiang Mai Ming Lai International High School, Chiang Rai Peace High School, Princess Chiang Rai High School, Otani Chinese School and Chinese Ark School. The Chinese students received vivid and interesting Chinese lessons and wonderful cultural content. Faithful Teachers also trained dozens of Chinese teachers in Thailand and contributed to the popularization and improvement of Chinese education in Northern Thailand. Faithful Language School, with more than ten years of professional experience in foreign language education, is helping the world to know more about China. We would like see more Chinese people going out to bless the world!

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