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Empowering Educators: 6th Round of Mandarin Teacher Training Program Begins

Faithful Language School is proud to announce the start of its sixth round of Chinese language teacher training program from March 7th to June 16th. This comprehensive 14-week program consists of 150 hours of training that will equip participants with a solid foundation in Mandarin teaching methods, pronunciation, characters, vocabulary, grammar, and basic communication functions.

The course is led by a highly experienced Mandarin teacher and instructor, who has over 15 years of teaching experience and over 13,000 hours of classroom teaching experience. The program aims to provide participants with a complete understanding of Mandarin language teaching by covering topics such as basic teaching methods, creating effective teaching plans, and gaining insight into Mandarin language teaching.

The training program includes three parts: Basic Teaching, Practice Teaching, and Teaching Internship, which will help participants gain a deeper understanding of Mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and communication functions. The program also provides practical experience in teaching Mandarin, including the use of Mandarin platforms for offline teaching.

Upon completion of the training program, participants will have a solid understanding of teaching methods and be able to effectively teach beginner-level Mandarin as a foreign language. They will also be equipped with the skills necessary to create effective teaching plans and deliver engaging lessons to students.

Many of our previous trainees are teaching effectively in overseas countries, and they have given positive feedback on the program. Participants can also use our online teaching platform to set up their own mandarin classes or Chinese language centers.

For those interested in enrolling in this program, please email [email protected] for more information. Join us now and take the first step towards a rewarding career in Mandarin language teaching.

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